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Our main business is the application of position-based information system, classified into four business sectors, radio frequency & microwave, digital signal processing, satellite navigation and anti-UAV system. The technical indicators, reliability, stability and consistency of our products have reached the advanced level of domestic counterparts.

Our products have a wide range of operating temperature ( -55℃~+85℃), and their environmental adaptability, strong anti-interference performance characteristics are praised by the vast number of domestic customers, widely used in radar, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, land navigation, communications, electronic confrontation, mobile communications and other fields.

We also present several series of civilian products, as filter, diplexer, combiner, power divider, directional coupler, power amplifier, and T/R module, including GSM module, CDMA module, TD-SCDMA module and WCDMA module. TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/CDMA2000 repeater and indoor system are also our competitive products, which are widely used in the fields of mobile communication and network optimization.

As 5G era is arriving, our products, which are designed to be applied in the 5G fields, also evolve along with the time.

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