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LY15 Beidou Shipboard Positioning Device

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Product Detail

    Product Overview

    The device adopts the design idea of high integration, it combines Beidou RDSS communication, wireless mobile communication, Beidou positioning, low-power consumption technologies. The device is equipped with built-in battery, which is charged by solar energy and with long endurance. In order to adapt to the harsh environment at sea, the design of the device has fully considered the requirement of waterproof, salt spray proof and anti-corrosion.

    Product Feature

    Beidou /GPS dual mode positioning supported, positioning accuracy is better than 10 meters.

    Beidou short message or wireless mobile network (GPRS) regular report of ship status supported.

    Remote setting function: remote setting of related parameters of shipboard terminal available.

    Built-in battery, independent power supply by solar charging, continuous working time is more than 3 years normally.

    Anti-disassembly alarm function: when the device is disassembled, the automatic induction will form alarm information and send alarm immediately.

    Electronic quantities detection supported.

    Total watertight design, shell’s made of special materials, protection grade up to IP68, adapted to the harsh environment at sea.

    One-button for emergency alarm.

    Main Function


    Location Report

    - Report location data to the center once in 5 minutes.

    - Send back stored data under GPRS state (wake up periodically).

    Alarm for Disassembly

    Data Storage

    Emergency Alarm

    Online Update

    Status Indicator Light

    Outline Drawing (Unit: mm)

    Self-owned Monitoring Platform avialable.

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